The ECG remains the cornerstone of arrhytmia diagnosis and decision making in clinical cardiology, even after an explosion of technology. There is fundamentally no difference in the principles and strategies behind understanding the ECG. But if you search for ECG books, you will probably see more than 1000 books just written in English. Why so many books are needed? For us, the textbook information only is not sufficient for fast and accurate ECG diagnosis. You should see a lot of ECG and detailed explanation of them. For example, if you see hundreds of ST-elevation ECGs, it will be very easy to recognize it in daily clinical practice. By using, you will be able to see hundreds of real cases and detailed explanation by drawings on ECG. Each case will help you to understand a diagnostic tip or teaching point by highlighting important principles. There are a lot of multiple-choice questions in each category of ECG. Now you can see free examples to better to understandthe philosopy of!

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