The best way to learn ECG interpretation is to see thousands of cases!!

Each case will provide an important diagnostic tip and teaching point!
let’s see free examples!

Evergrowing ECG archive!!

You will find hundreds of ECG questions in many categories and new ECGs will be added every day. So you can keep yourself up to date by just answering our multiple choice questions. This website is meant for physicians, physician assistants, medical students, paramedics, nurses and nurse assistants.

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Detailed explanation

After you answer each question, the “see description” button will be activated and you will be able to see explanation for every question.

wrappixel kit
High quality ecg drawings!

You will find detailed and satisfying explanation with high-quality drawings on the ECG

Good Learning Experience

By using, you will be able to acquire the essential electrocardiography interpretation skills, thanks to all kinds of ECG examples

The ECG12 is perfectly designed and thus it is very easy to use. You can enlarge and interpret ECG images on both mobile and desktop easily.

Earn Points!

You can earn points for each correct answer and have fun while learning! You can also see your rank and get motivated.

Create Favorite Lists

Add questions to your favorite lists and re-examine them whenever you want! You can create unlimited favorite lists.

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    • 298 MCQs related to ECG and detailed explanation by drawing on ECG
    • lots of animated Gifs explaining pathophysiology of arrhythmias in a unique way
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